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    GTA Aluminum
    GTA Aluminum guarantees our workmanship and material. We have the experience
    to deal with the effects that the northern climate has on your home's eavestrough and siding.

    Contact GTA Aluminum today and we will provide a full walk around inspection of your home.

Eavestrough / Gutter

GTA Aluminum takes pride in announcing the launch of their services for cleanup of eaves troughs, securing your basements and making you life easier than ever before! We provide all home solutions that you will ever need including:


A wide variety of colours, materials, and textures to choose from, personalize, protect, and renew your home with a new siding installation.

Siding is your home's first line of defence from rain and cold weather effects. Ensure you do a full walk around inspection of your house at least once a year to ensure there are no leaks. Prevention costs less than fixing an untreated problem.

More Services

We are fully licensed and are commited to safety. We have a broad expertise on

  • Eavestrough
  • Siding
  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • General Contracting

We have over 20 years experience in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe region.

Enquire with us regarding any interior remodelling or an problem that needs fixing.

Our Latest Work

We provide quality materials, a wide array of colours, and fully inspect our workmanship. Our customers can be assured that they are getting served by experienced and trained personnel producing a finished product great in aesthetic and structural design.

Toronto Home Sheet Insulation

Sheet insulation and new siding installation on Toronto home.

New siding on home in Toronto

Sheet insulation and new siding installation on Toronto home.

Bay Window Renewal

New siding panels on bay window in Oakville.

House Siding

Insulation panels installed ready for siding installation

New Siding and Insulation

Sheet insulation and new siding installation on Toronto home.

Toronto Eavestrough Installation

New siding, eaves, and soffit & fascia.

New Siding

New siding installation on Toronto home.

Finished Product

Sheet insulation and new siding installation on Toronto home.

Basement insulation and water proofing

Protect your foundation by ensuring there is no space for water to seep through.

Eavestrough on Toronto home

New siding, eaves, and soffit & fascia.

Toronto Home Fascia

Fascia finish on Toronto house.

Oakville Siding Panels

Bay window siding in Oakville.

Leaf/Gutter Guard Offer

Take preventive action today; eliminate possible winter hazards while minimizing maintenance.

Ensure that your home is protected by installing leaf guards to stop your eavestrough from clogging. Water build up in eavestrough freezes during cold winter months and creates a blockade for water flow.


More on Gutter Guards

Who we are

We are a construction company whose aim is to provide quality solutions form homes and commercial space in the Greater Toronto Area. We are fully committed to safety on the workplace; our workers know and follow Ontario's safety rules at all times protecting themselves and those around them. We are fully insured and provide WSIB to our staff.

We provide various services for residents of not only the Greater Toronto Area, but all throughout Central Ontario. From Barrie to Niagara falls and in between, we have done major renovations and are experienced in doing hard wood/viny' flooring, drywall, taping, tiling, and renovations.

At GTA Aluminum, our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. This includes analysis of your home's needs, a plan for any work that needs to be done and execution of the plan on time and budget.

Greater Toronto Area Aluminum